29 April 2011

Here are some (Winter birding) scenes from the last couple of months...

Photos by Jeff White...

Photos by Jeff Kiger...

28 December 2010

Here are some recent photos of Bald Eagles in Salem County...

To see Bald Eagles in real life, be sure to take part in the "Eagle Caravan" on Saturday, January 22, led by Jeff & Cathy White.

Photos by Eileen Ferguson...

Photos by Jeff Kiger, taken at Supawna Meadows...

More photos by Jeff Kiger, taken at Mannington Meadows...

09 October 2010

Jeff Kiger's photos of some shorebirds and Great Horned Owls (that's plural, two photos of two different owls) at Fort Mott.

Nature Club member, Jack Mahon, will be hosting a walk at Fort Mott on Saturday, October 16th, as a part of Salem County's Eco-Tourism Weekend. Could we be so lucky to run into these owls then?

29 September 2010

It's just about that time. To say goodbye to our butterflies, at least until next summer.

Jeff White photographed these butterflies in his yard.

27 August 2010

Jeff Kiger was the lucky one who came across this Great Horned Owl in daylight hours at Fort Mott State Park. Beautiful capture!

25 August 2010

Every mid-August Purple Martins and other swallows will gather by the thousands to feed along the Maurice River before venturing off on their migration south for the winter.

Here are pictures of the spectacle by Jeff White.

(Remember to click the slideshow to view in full.)

Here are more spectacular summer photos by Jeff White.

With the long spells of over-the-top hot weather we've had this summer, time really seems to drag. But in actuality, we have such a short time each year to appreciate the beauty and wonder of our native insects.

Garry Baldwin really captures the beauty and wonder of our local dragonflies and other insects; as well as our summer hummer visitor.

23 July 2010

Summer at Finns Point and around Salem County, by Jeff White...

19 June 2010

Baltimore Oriole pictures by Garry Baldwin, taken at Fort Mott State Park.